Employer Resources

Employer Resources

Welcome to Santa Clarita Valley Internships, powered by the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC).  If you’re looking for a great intern in the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), get started here! The SCV has an educated workforce with great educational facilities including the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts – think Disney!), College of the Canyons, and The Masters University, supported by ongoing improvements in key infrastructure.  The SCV is just 30 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles, with access to 2.7 million workers within a 30-minute radius.

Thank you for supporting internships in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Internships are a key recruiting tool these days, and can help attract great employees to the SCV, supporting the continued growth of businesses in the SCV.  

Internship employee law compliance info - Coming Soon!

Designing a good internship program

  • Set your goals
    • What does your company hope to achieve from the program?
      • Are you a small company looking for some help on a project?
      • A nonprofit without much money that can offer an interesting and rewarding experience?
      • A company struggling to find motivated employees or specific skills?
    • Get buy-in at all levels, including senior management and the team who will be working with and managing the interns – everyone needs to be onboard.
    • Check out 10 Benefits of Starting an Intern Program.
  • Make a plan
    • Draft a job description
      • Decide on the academic background and experiences you want – what are the must haves, the nice to haves, and the interesting but not relevant points?
    • What learnings/experiences are planned for the intern? Schedule the projects over the term of the internship.
    • Decide on the details:
      • Compensation and school credit
      • Where will they work, and are the tools necessary available (e.g. computer, desk, etc.)? Will you assist with parking, living arrangements, etc.?
  • Some other resources:

Posting guidelines 

  • Accurately describe your organization
  • Accurately describe the intern position and its requirements
  • Include internship duration and paid/unpaid status
  • Include work location of position
  • Include information on how to apply for the position
  • Internship posting in which students must pay a fee to participate will not be accepted
  • Any permutation of the following "multi-level" schemes will be removed upon detection. Employers who post such positions will be deleted from the system and prohibited from further involvement in SCV Internships: Pyramid Schemes, Administered Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, and Straight-Line Matrix or Elevator Schemes.

 Ready?  Let’s get started!

Are you interested in offering an unpaid internship? Through College of the Canyons (COC) Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program, CWEE offers an internship course complete with college credit. For employers offering a strong mentor and a focused project, you may be eligible to host an unpaid intern. Workers compensation coverage for the student working at your job site is provided through COC.

While graduate students are welcome to register for CWEE to earn college credit, COC students are a smart choice to find entry level talent. COC offers programs in a number of Career and Technical Education programs such as Land Surveying, Construction Management, Automotive Technology, Welding, Interior Design and more.

Check out the CWEE Employer link to learn more about COC’s internship program.