Creating a Great Internship

Designing a good internship program

  • Set your goals
    • What does your company hope to achieve from the program?
      • Are you a small company looking for some help on a project?
      • A nonprofit without much money that can offer an interesting and rewarding experience?
      • A company struggling to find motivated employees or specific skills?
    • Get buy-in at all levels, including senior management and the team who will be working with and managing the interns – everyone needs to be onboard.
    • Check out 10 Benefits of Starting an Intern Program.
  • Make a plan
    • Draft a job description
      • Decide on the academic background and experiences you want – what are the must haves, the nice to haves, and the interesting but not relevant points?
    • What learnings/experiences are planned for the intern? Schedule the projects over the term of the internship.
    • Decide on the details:
      • Compensation and school credit
      • Where will they work, and are the tools necessary available (e.g. computer, desk, etc.)? Will you assist with parking, living arrangements, etc.?
  • Some other resources:

Posting guidelines 

  • Accurately describe your organization
  • Accurately describe the intern position and its requirements
  • Include internship duration and paid/unpaid status
  • Include work location of position
  • Include information on how to apply for the position
  • Internship posting in which students must pay a fee to participate will not be accepted
  • Any permutation of the following "multi-level" schemes will be removed upon detection. Employers who post such positions will be deleted from the system and prohibited from further involvement in SCV Internships: Pyramid Schemes, Administered Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, and Straight-Line Matrix or Elevator Schemes.

 Ready?  Let’s get started!